Fat Loss Forever: How To Lose Fat and Keep It Off (E-Book)

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Diets are failing in an epic way.  Chances are you’ve tried one of the popular diets out there. The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet, The Blood Type Diet, The Eat Clean Diet, The Alkaline Diet, The Ornish Diet, The Insert Name Here Diet.

You probably lost some weight… for awhile. Did you keep it off? Chances are you didn’t. In fact, chances are you regained it all back and possibly then some. You aren’t alone. Six out of seven people who are overweight are able to successfully lose weight during their lifetime. But 85-95% of them will fail at keeping it off in the long term. If this sounds bad, consider that ⅓-⅔ of those people will add back on more weight than they lost in the first place! If this cycle is repeated it can turn into ‘yo-yo dieting’, quite possibly one of the worst things you can do for your mental and physical health.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that you need to lose weight and keep it off and prevent yo-yo dieting, but no one gives you an idea of HOW to accomplish that. What makes our book different? We discuss WHY diets fail on a physiological, psychological, and sociological level so you can better understand why what you did previously did not work. Then we also detail the MOST IMPORTANT behaviors, methods, and traits for losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF.

This book is for everyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off, especially for those frustrated and hopeless chronic dieters tired of trying all the popular diets only to repeatedly fail. There is still hope to be found in these pages. Please give us the chance to guide you.

There are no workout programs included in this.


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Rich K.
United States

Definitive Source

Great read. No BS. Filled with facts and references to back it up. I trust Layne. Listened to his podcasts. He’s the real deal. He knows nutrition and the science and experience of body recomposition. Get strong, look and feel better and increase your health span. Thanks Layne for your passion and professionalism. You set the standard of trusted advisors. 5 Stars. Keep moving and keep smiling.

Antonio C.
Netherlands Netherlands

Very informative book would recommend

It was a very informative book. I'm also a user of the carbon diet app and after reading the book and see how much the authors know about this subject. It lets me appreciate it even more. So thanks alot for the detailled explanation in the book which gave me the knowlegde to create nutrition plans for myself and changed the perspective on losing weight and keeping it off.

Jason R.
United States United States

So much information and hope.

I was really impressed with the way the information was laid out, and easy to understand. I read through most of the book in the course of one weekend, and feel that between the information in the book and the Carbon Diet Coach I can formulate a plan for success. Thank you for the way you share information.

Vanessa R.
Germany Germany

great book

I am enjoying a lot reading this book. It is pretty easy to understand and it has the info that everybody needs to know to keep losing fat

Samantha G.
Australia Australia

Worth every penny

I am so happy I bought this book. It’s more than just working out calories (though that’s in there too), this is a no nonsense, well cited, science based guide on how to start your journey, what to expect in the middle of it, how to adjust as you go and what to do when you’re done. I’ve never read something so complete and I really appreciate all the work you guys have put into this!