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Layne Norton & Holly Baxter

Meet Layne & Holly

- Entrepreneurs, Natural Pro Body Builders, Coaches, Evidence-Based Nutrition Experts -

Layne Norton and Holly Baxter are a husband and wife team, who own Biolayne, co- own Biolayne Technologies, Carbon Diet Coach, Outwork Nutrition and Physique Coaching Academy. They also founded Team Biolayne and have been involved with the fitness industry over a combined 30 years of experience.

Layne began bodybuilding in his late teenage years and fell in love with lifting weights. He changed his major in college to Biochemistry and then pursued a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. He won his natural pro card in bodybuilding and went on to win 2 national titles in power lifting and a silver medal at the World Championships in 2015. He founded Biolayne LLC in 2007 and has a passion for education, lifting weights, and dispelling BS myths. Layne is also a father to 2 young children and enjoys boating, shooting and lifting in his free time.

Holly was a competitive track athlete growing up, competing at a number of national and international track events including the Junior Pacific School Games during her early schooling years. After she graduated, she turned her focus to education and the fitness industry. She completed her BS in Food Science and Nutrition and her Masters in Dietetics while teaching group fitness and personal training clients.

After graduation, she founded her own dietetics practice HB Nutrition and continued to personal train. She developed a passion for physique competitions and had an incredibly successful career winning the 2015 Natural Olympia and Natural Universe in the fitness model category. Later she qualified as a WBFF Pro in the fitness category and finished runner up at the WBFF World Championships in 2021. Holly moved from Australia to the US in 2017 to become the Director of Nutrition at Biolayne LLC.

Holly's passion for growth and development has been central to the expansion of the pair's growing line of businesses. Holly retains a small number of coaching clients and is one of the leading evidence-based female coaches in the fitness industry.